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We are experts in Consumer, B2B and Medical


  • Profiled by region
  • Profiled by demographics
  • profiled by family structure and household income


  • Profiled by region
  • Profiled by type of activity
  • profiled by business size


  • Physichan and specialist
  • Patients and their varius conditions
  • Caregivers
  • KOL

About us

Established in Italy in 2019, at XYZ field we strive to create long lasting relationships with clients and partners, based on mutual trust, high quality research standards and our own creative personal touch.  Our goal is to support our clients in their research and fieldwork journeys across multiple markets in the smoothest possible way: finding solutions to their problems, mediating between their expectations and on the ground reality to guarantee the success of each project.  Our international background allowed us to develop a solid network of partners across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Our values

the xyz advantage


What Makes Us Different

Every research journey has many moving parts. XYZ Field ensures that everything comes together perfectly, sothat your project is delivered on time, on budget, and provides real, actionable results.


What We Do

We have over 20 years of cumulative experience in supplying clients with qualitative and quantitative research and fieldwork services, across different methodologies in international markets.


Qualitative Methodologies

We use hands-on qualitative techniques to uncover insights about individual behaviors and reasoning. Our network of experts offers specialized recruiting, screening and moderating services across Europe, North America, and Asia. We are highly experienced in a full range of qualitative research methodologies including:


Quantitative Methodologies

We use quantitative research processes to provide the data needed to inform our client’s objectives and strategies. This data is based on a sample of your target audience and allows us to measure behaviors (past, present, and future), performance, satisfaction, and perceptions. We specialize in the following quantitative methodologies:


Our Services

We know that every project is different. Our process always begins with fully understanding your objectives for the research. We offer ‘full service’ solutions, but can also produce individual components of the project. Our most commonly used services are the following:


Recruiting the right participants


Choosing the best moderators

XYZ Field will match your research needs with a qualified moderator who has knowledge specific to your industry and market of interest. We verify moderator profiles with you to ensure that the moderator is an accurate fit.



we have worked in a multitude of sectors.



Our work spans the globe.


Federica Sacchi : Sales - Client Relations - Finance Quality Control

Luca Facoetti : Operations and Fieldwork coordinator - Moderation

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